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Hey Earth Warrior! Let´s add a little greenery to our homes with our own MAAJICAL TERRARIUM…

let’s create one full of beautiful plants and Maajic powders.


  1. Various small plants! in our case, we did a SUCC-essful one with SUCCULENTS!
  2. A glass bowl
  3. Rocks to make it rock!
  4. Activated charcoal (fertilizer)
  5. Potting soil appropriate for your plants
  6. A scoop or shovel
  7. Gloves
  8. Decorative articles to add your own MAAJICAL touch to the terrarium.

And here´s how…..It´s so easy!

  1. Prepare the mini-maajical world Container

Wash both the interior and exterior of the glass bowl to ensure that there are no unwanted residues. Imagine how you want to arrange your plants inside the jar…let your mind fly!

  1. Fill the bottom with the rocks, fertilizer and the Potting soil.
  2. Start placing your little plants in the container and try to keep them away from the edges.
  3. After you’re done planting you can add little some extra details!! Like colored powder and decorative rocks. This is your little world and remember…everything grows with love!

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