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The MAAJI HOUSE… a Dream Quest full of MAAJICAL stories

We want to invite you to know each corner of our MAAJICAL house! Don’t miss this chance and welcome to our Dream Quest

Welcome to the land of dreams…the land of MAAJINESS!


While wondering what would be the best gift in the world for someone very special, we thought it could only be to take them to the perfect destination: HAPPINESS. 


Having clear that a MAAJINESS place is one that drenches all your senses: being colorful, full of magic, and just surrealist, and so we found the most fascinating hidden gem on earth for this: Cartagena!


A city full of charm, a place to wander, to unleash your inner sparkle, with tropical sea breezes and where music fills the streets. The one a #RealMermaid has always dreamed about: a home away from home where you can relax, re-energize and enjoy yourself. While finding mind, body and spirit balance to be able to appreciate the peace of a morning yoga session, discover the sands and the beautiful beaches or just have a freshly-caught dinner from the Caribbean Sea.


Now this being said…. please meet our soulful Colombian culture. We advise you pack and enjoy the fun, you´ll live a dream! It will be an opportunity to see something unique, to discover people, places, food and sceneries that only dreamers like us could ever imagine. You can do scuba dive, snorkel and beach clean ups or earth warrior sessions; relax in hammocks, fly kites high enough to touch the sky; visit the tropical Caribbean islands and try the exotic flavors of Colombian cuisine while enjoying sunset cocktails and dining in the open-air cafes.


You´ll feel like you have stepped into an old painting in this picturesque city. Join us to ride the city of pink, purple and yellow buildings. Meet the cobblestone streets, the beautiful Palenqueras that sell watermelon, papayas & pineapples. The horse drawn carriages, the enchanted cathedrals, the balconies and the leafy plazas that will leave you speechless. You won’t just take a trip…the trip will take you; Be prepared to become a STORYTELLER!

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