The Real mermaid MAGIC BEHIND MAAJI blog

¡Wonderlake, The land of dreams!

…The place a #RealMermaid has always dreamed about!…

This MERMAID adventure at the LAKE OF HAPPINESS included… Earth warriors zone, painting EW bags to take to the supermarket, Watersports Zone: The sky was the limit, We did Kitesurf!!!

Mermaids Playzone: Jacuzzi, Picnic, Massages Zone…

¡MAAJINESS Active class By Smartfit, and Time to RELAX!

Body Scrubs making zone, Cocktails class by HATSU and Foody by Mundo Verde.

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Older posts

Mar 19, 2018

COACHELLA essentials…we’ve got you covered!

Dresses, skirts, twin sets... Nothing says summer more than the new MAAJI beachwear collection.

Dec 12, 2017

The gift of GIVING: Our choice this CHRISTMAS!

At MAAJI we believe happiness doesn´t come from what we GET, but what we GIVE, so this year…

Oct 25, 2017

¡Colombia is our PARADISE!

Liquid rainbows, beachy gardens, mesmerizing beaches, endless views, amazing people, many TREEsures...THIS IS COLOMBIA!